What Is Serviced on an Electric Car?!

With no oil to change, no spark plugs, and fewer dirty filters to swap out you may think that servicing your electric car may not be worth it. Whilst there is much less to do, there are many benefits of the annual trip to your local EV-trained service centre to get the essential tasks completed.

As an example, below is the service schedule for a Renault Zoe:

  • Every 1 year or 18,000 miles - Pollen filter change and alternate between an A or B inspection
  • Every 3 years - Replace 12V auxiliary battery
  • Every 54,000 miles - Check and remove dust from brake linings
  • Every 4 years or 72,000 miles - Replace brake fluid
  • Every 5 years or 90,000 miles - Replace coolant
  • Every 6 years - Check and top-up refrigerant

The A inspection consists of:

  • Check the levels, condition, and sealing of the brake circuit
  • Check the exterior lighting and signals
  • Check the condition and sealing of the shock absorbers
  • Check the condition and pressure of the tyres and road wheel security
  • Check the presents of the wheel valve caps
  • Check the wear of the brake discs and pads
  • Check the wiper blades and screen washer fluid level
  • Check the 12V battery with the test tool
  • Check the computers with the diagnostic tool
  • Reinitialise the maintenance service display
  • Documentation and positioning of the maintenance label

The B inspection adds the following to the above:

  • Check the interior lighting
  • Anti-corrosion check
  • Check and lubricate the bonnet lock
  • Check the levels, condition, and sealing of the coolant circuit
  • Check the condition and sealing of the gaiters, rubber mountings, ball joints, and shock absorbers
  • Check the condition of the windscreen and door mirrors
  • Check the presence of the airbag and engine compartment labels
  • Check the operation of the instrument panel warning lights

Benefits of a Regular Service

Service is also a chance for a trained mechanic to have a good look around your vehicle and many main dealer service centres carry out a health check alongside the service for no extra fee. Of course, ultimately they want to sell you parts for additional income but it is a great way to see how close you are to needing new tyres or brake pads for example, if you aren't used to looking out for these things yourself.

Additional benefits are found when you come to sell your car. A car with a full-service history will be more valuable (the amount can vary) and more desirable to someone looking to purchase your car.

How Much Is a Service?

The cost of motoring is of course not cheap but service on an EV you will be glad to hear is cheaper than on a petrol or diesel car. Sticking with the Renault Zoe service above - going to a Renault service centre results in a cost of around £100, including changing the relevant filters, etc. Plus additional work of course, should you approve it. Well worth it in our opinion!

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