What Are the Most Fuel Efficient Cars on Sale Today?

Let’s Take a Look at a History of the Most Fuel Efficient Cars!

Recent surveys have shown that fuel efficiency is the most important factor that buyers look at when choosing a new car. As a result, carmakers that innovate and develop fuel-saving technologies will typically see success.

The seventies onwards was still the height of petrol and diesel cars ruling the road! At this time the best way to improve fuel efficiency was downsizing.

1995 to 2009

By the time the 2000s rolled around we were entering the beginning of the hybrid era. A small battery was fitted to these cars to support the combustion engine. This meant carmakers no longer had to sacrifice size for efficiency.

2010 to 2013

With the introduction of electric cars in 2010 carmakers needed a way to show their efficiency as a direct comparison to petrol and diesel cars. This saw carmakers using the 'miles per gallon equivalent' abbreviation - MPGe. For the first time, cars could now cross the 100 MPGe threshold.

2014 to 2023

From 2014 it was only a case of onwards and upwards! Sales of electric cars have been rising each year and we are now in the mass adoption phase. Petrol and diesel cars are now nowhere near the top of the efficiency charts and we expect this to only continue.

Sources: EPA and Statista

Image Credits to: Marcus Lu, Athul Alexander, visualcapitalist.com

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