• Electric Car Warranty

    Protect Your Investment With an Electric Car Warranty

    Drive away in your new car with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered for years to come when you purchase an extended warranty. We work closely with our warranty partner Customer Protect who offers dedicated warranty packages which are designed specifically for electric and hybrid car owners. A warranty package can often save you hundreds of pounds whilst only costing about the same as a takeaway coffee once a week.

    Why Take Out a Warranty?

    Electric cars are no doubt more reliable than their petrol and diesel counterparts, however, things can still go wrong. Here's why we always recommend protecting yourself in the form of an additional, dedicated warranty:

    • Peace of mind - know that you are covered against unexpected repair costs
    • Save money - save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs
    • Access to expert repair services - electric car service centres charge higher labour rates, so ensure you can have your car diagnosed and repaired by the best.
    • Convenient claims processes - the warranty policy with Customer Protect has a simple and convenient claims policy making it simple to have repairs made.

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