• Electric Car Sourcing

    Let Us Find the Perfect Electric Car for You

    Forecourt E has launched a new brand which solely focuses on sourcing used electric cars. 

    Introducing . . . The Electric Car Guys

    The Electric Car Guys provide the personal touch to help you buy an electric car. We aim to take the stress out of car buying by providing a seamless end-to-end service from initial consultation and advice on the best electric car to suit you, all the way through to handover. Our award winning business regularly saves people time, money and stress.

    The Electric Car Guys is brought to you by the same team as Forecourt E - Adam and Dan.

    For more information simply head over to the brand new website, check out how it all works and then book a call with us to start your journey.

    Click here to see the brand new site!

    Why Use The Electric Car Guys Electric Car Sourcing?

    Buying a new car can often bring up more questions than answers so The Electric Car Guys are here to help. We know exactly what to look for when buying an electric car and want to use this knowledge to help you. Our simple pricing structure enables you to get the car you want at a competitive price, along with a string of other benefits. These include:

    • Peace of mind - know that our EV experts are searching hard to find the perfect car.
    • Save money - we use a trade price + commission model, saving you money on the retail price of the car.
    • Plenty of choices - we will send you a selection of cars to choose from, all matching your criteria
    • All in one place - The Electric Car Guys offer an all-in-one solution including part exchange, finance, charge cables, and home charger installation if required.
    • Sourcing to suit all budgets - electric cars are now available at almost every price point, so we use this to our advantage when helping you get the most for your money.

    How Does It Work?

    Discuss your wants and needs - provide us with as much information as you can about the car you would like including desired features, age, mileage, colour, etc. Confirm these details by paying a £250 deposit and we will get to work!

    Choose a new car - we will present you with some options that best match your criteria. Once you have seen an option that works best for you, we will go ahead and buy it.

    Preparation and delivery - confirm your purchase by making payment - this can either be a cash purchase or through the use of our finance options. Whilst this is being organised we will fully prepare the car and organise collection or delivery.

    Every Car Will Come With:

    • Recent MOT
    • Recent service
    • 50-point check complete
    • Battery Certificate of Health
    • Standard Forecourt-E Warranty

    Optional Extras:

    What Next?

    Book a Consultation

    If you would like to see how car sourcing work for you then book some time with us to discuss your exact wants and needs. We can provide an idea of what to expect throughout the process and how we can help save you both time and money.

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