Seven Things I Love About my Electric Car

 Owning a car is a pleasure every day of the week! Here are seven reasons I love my Nissan Leaf.

1 - Heated Seats

Heated seats in both the front and back are a dream on those cold winter mornings - especially when combined with that heated steering wheel! It's also great to just heat my seat and not the whole car when driving alone, saving that battery and giving me even more range!

2 - Charging at Home

The convenience of charging at home and avoiding petrol stations cannot be understated. When people ask 'How long does it take to charge?' the answer to me feels like about 20 seconds - the time it takes to connect the charging cable. The car happily charges itself whilst I do my own thing.

3 - 360 Camera

Sure, a reverse camera is nice, but that 360 camera is even better. A perfect park - every time, and getting through that tight spot is easier than ever.

4 - Rapid Charging with CHAdeMO

Every now and then the 100-mile battery range just isn't enough. Not to worry - CHAdeMO has me covered. 80 miles or more is added to the car in under half an hour and away I go again. CHAdeMO chargers seem to be popping up at many service stations now so thankfully finding that charge gets easier every trip.

5 - Room for All My Gear

It's easy to compare the Leaf to the Zoe - after all, they are both 'budget' EVs and have been around for a while. The extra space in the Leaf is great for those days when you need some extra space or extra people. Not to mention the extra few kw of power in the Leaf when you need to overtake or just want to have a little fun!

6 - Worry Free Motoring

Okay, I admit this is not Leaf specific but the comfort of knowing that there is far less which can go wrong with my electric car compared to my old petrol car is larger than you might think. The awesome 8-year / 100,000-mile warranty which Nissan offers from new also covers me far into the future. Not to mention - the Leaf is a true EV veteran so there are plenty of people out there with the knowledge and skills to help me out with any repairs if they are ever needed.

7 - Doing my 'Bit'

It is hard to escape the doom and gloom around the climate crisis and the never-ending amount of CO2 being spewed into the atmosphere on a daily basis. No matter how small we might feel as an individual I do like to think that driving my electric car is 'doing my bit', or at least part of it. I learned recently that an electric car offsets the additional carbon produced when making it compared to a petrol/diesel vehicle in less than two years (source), and from there, it only offsets even more. I won't go on about the environmental benefits here, I will save that for another blog, so I am just glad I made the move when I did.

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