Our ‘Charge Cost Calculator’ Is Now Live!

Considering an electric car as your next vehicle purchase but wondering if it's even viable with the current electricity prices? Keep reading.

A common question we are asked when either showing someone a car here at the showroom, or via our Virtual Viewing option is;

"How much does this particular car actually charge to cost?"

We have created and launched our new calculator for working out what the costs involved might be for all our cars with varying battery sizes currently in stock.

Choose a car from our Current Stock and scroll down to the Cost Calculator. You will find the charging costs for the following;

1. Charging the car from your home address. According to the Energy Saving Trust, 80% of EV drivers only charge their cars from home. Many of those EV owners take advantage of the low energy costs that Octopus is offering. Through off-peak hours, they charge just 10p/kWh for a 6-hour window. Customers with a 7KW home charger installed find that this will sufficiently charge their cars without the need for using the higher cost during peak hours.

2. Topping up the car using the Fast Charge network. These public chargers can provide charge speeds of up to 50KW. Typically these chargers are found in public car parks and supermarkets. The price set for these chargers is at a premium compared to home, in exchange for the higher rates of charging available.

3. Public chargers that form the Rapid Charge network can be found in service stations alongside the motorway, or dedicated charging forecourts such as Braintree. The considerably higher cost is the premium some drivers are willing to pay when commuting longer motorway distances, and want to spend as little time doing so as possible. This is comparable to the increased pricing at a petrol forecourt in the same places.


If you would like to discuss your charging options from home or if you have any general EV enquiries, feel free to reach out to a member of the team and we will spend as much time with you as you desire :)

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