Is Your Renault Zoe Heater Not Working?!

It's that time of year when you might find yourself cranking the heater up a couple of degrees but finding you're not getting the performance you want from your Zoe heater.

We're going to outline some tips and tricks which hopefully you'll find beneficial. We've put them in order of things you should try first.

Drive Without Eco Mode

We would never normally suggest this (being ECO warriors at heart) but driving in ECO mode limits the performance of the heating as well as acceleration and maximum speed. With ECO mode off, it will allow the car to use some more of its battery power to focus on getting you to your desired temperature.

Leave the Fan on Auto

If you demand a warm temperature and turn the fan up too much, the heat pump Zoe use won't be able to provide the heat at such a fast pace. Choose your temperature, click the auto button, and then when the car is ready to provide you with the right temperature it will do exactly that.

Fault Finding

If you are able to, set a pre-heat whilst the car is plugged in at home to see if the cabin warms as it should. If it does, then you know there isn't a problem with the actual heating system. If it doesn't warm the car, then you know that the system isn't working properly, and it will probably require a visit to the dealership; 9 times out of 10, this is because it requires re-gassing. Make sure when you take it in, that the garage is EV trained as the gas for an EV system is different than your normal petrol/diesel car.

Hair Dryer Trick

There is a sneaky way to throw the heater a little curve ball, by heating the external temperature sensor with a hairdryer to reset the system. I know it sounds like a bit of a last-resort attempt but this has worked for a lot of people with a similar issue.

  1. Lock and leave the car. Success stories suggest leaving for 15 minutes.
  2. Grab a hairdryer and heat the sensor to at least 15 is under the driver's wing mirror and looks like a small camera.
  3. Unlock and start the car.
  4. Select the minimum temperature and auto mode. This should already activate the heat pump as the car will try to cool the car.
  5. Find the outside temperature readout on the top of your main screen, and watch it drop as the sensor on the mirror cools down.
  6. Now select a hot (or maximum) temperature, once the outside temperature has dropped (obviously stop heating the sensor), the car should heat again.

Details of Just One Success Story

- Heated the sensor with a hair dryer for about 30 seconds. Sensor registered 22C.
- Turned the AC on at its lowest setting for 2 minutes.
- Switched the hair dryer to cold and cooled down the sensor until it went down to 14C. The outside temperature was 4C.
- Turned the temperature up to full in the car and about 2 minutes later the heater worked.

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