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    Electric Car Solutions

    Helping shape a greener future for you and your business.

    Whether you are looking to purchase your first electric Approved Driving Instructor car for your business, create a fleet of electric taxis or introduce an electric vehicle to the company fleet, Electric Car Solutions will provide you with the vehicles you need to ensure your business continues to run whilst upgrading your current petrol or diesel vehicles for electric.

    Several industries taking advantage of our turnkey solutions already...

    UK Network of Taxis

    Whether you're looking to purchase one electric car or a fleet of 25, keeping all of your vehicles on the road and working is your biggest priority, and we understand that.

    We work closely with you to establish which EV would suit your exact needs, whether that be long-distance airport shuttles, local school drop-off, pick-up cars, or something in between.

    Together we will build your ideal specification for a taxi. Once this is confirmed, we get to work and find the exact car you have requested. Matches are sent to you in an 'Option Pack' which you can confirm or reject.

    Once confirmed, we will purchase, prepare and deliver the vehicle to your doorstep. We are happy to assist taxi firms in registering vehicles prior to delivery should that be required.

    If you have a fleet of taxis that you are looking to change out for electric vehicles over a period of time, we have contracts in place for multi-car purchases so you can schedule your expenditure and commitment over a period of your choice, keeping you in the driving seat at all times. Electric vehicle solutions can also help with trading out your petrol and diesel fleet.

    Driving Instructor Schools

    Keeping your business running whilst making such a huge change is daunting, to say the least, but what if we could work with you to pinpoint a comprehensive spec list of your wants and desires, find that exact vehicle for you, and deliver it completely prepped with dual controls and branding?

    We're seeing an incredible increase in demand in the driving instructor industry wanting to make the move to electric, but a reservation on how to introduce a new vehicle into their fleet without loss of time on the roads and with a waiting list of learners as long as your arm!

    If the upgrade to an electric car removes the need for your diesel/petrol vehicle, you can part exchange your current car, even if dual controls are installed. Leave the hassle of that with us, leaving you to get on with what you do best, instructing.

    - Fully prepped with or without dual controls

    - Supported by He-Man controls or a supplier of your choice

    - Branding solutions with pre-approved artwork

    - Delivered to your door

    - Finance available on all cars 

    Electric Car Hire 

    Reinvesting in newer, more efficient, and reliable vehicles isn't a new idea to a car fleet business, but handing over the hassle of selling your unwanted stock and earning more than part-exchanging to a dealer - now that is what we like to call a win-win.

    Using our Sale Or Return model, car hire firms can now delegate the hassle of prepping used cars, advertising them, and carrying out viewings to interested parties. We are here to take that burden from you, whether you are off-boarding 1 vehicle per year or 100.

    Book in the vehicles approaching their 'best by' date, and achieve higher returns for your stock.

    Multiple car discounts are available for all contracts of 3+ vehicles/year.

    - Collection and delivery options

    - Fully prepped in the house (paint repairs, wheel refurbishments, etc to ensure the best condition for sale)

    - Benefit from our supplier's trade prices

    - Sold at retail price achieving better results than part exchanging

    - Transparent commission rates only on vehicles sold

    - We carry all the warranty liability for cars sold, not you

    - Finance options in place for buyers, appealing to a larger market 

    What Are You Waiting For?

    Get in touch with Electric Car Solutions today to see how we can best serve you and your business. As an independent company, we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to our customer's needs to find a solution that works best for them. Our team are electric car experts with access to all areas of the market for finding, sourcing, and selling electric cars.

    Book a 30-minute free, no-obligation consultation with Adam or Dan today, at a time to suit you to see if Electric Vehicle Solutions can help you save time, money, and emissions in 2023.

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