25% Increase in ‘State of Health’ for Free?!

We recently came across a Renault Zoe online which had been advertised privately - a 2015 22kWh model. The car was advertised with a 'potential' battery worry, as the owner was getting a lot less range compared to when he purchased the car.

To investigate this we use an OBD (Onboard diagnostic) reader which gives us access to the onboard computer. This confirmed an issue, but to hear it from the horse's mouth we thought we'd book it into Renault to check over as well.

Now, why did we buy this car before Renault had seen it? This particular car is on a battery lease with 'Mobilize' (Renault finance) so if any replacement parts or repairs are required on the battery they should cover the bill, as the lease provides a lifetime warranty for such things.

Booked in with Renault Hendy Group in Eastleigh just two days later for a service and a SOH certificate, the technicians confirmed the current SOH (state of health) for the 22kWh high voltage battery was 73%. The battery lease covers repairs or placement of the battery when the SOH reads below 75%, so this reading should activate the warranty repairs.

We spoke to a service manager called Lewis who confirmed a few basic details with us; company name, lease agreement number, car model, and battery spec. Once that was done he logged straight into the booking diary and proposed a date two weeks later - not exactly next-day service but the car is still drive-able so not a massive issue.

Later in the month, we dropped the car off and within a few hours we had a call from the service team after they'd started work on the car. It turns out it actually just needs a software update and 'all' that we had to pay was £343 + vat.


"Why would we be paying that? The car is under a battery lease agreement and the SOH is under 75% so surely the warranty covers this?"

Long story short, it took us another week to argue with Renault that they should cover the bill. It then wasn't long until an email landed in our inbox saying the car was ready to collect, its new SOH reading is 98% and the bill has been covered.

Fantastic result! 25% increase in State of Health readout with zero to pay. If you find yourself in a similar situation, feel free to get in touch and we will help you get the result you deserve without parting with any of your cash!!

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